Sizing Guide


Buying clothes online can be scary, so we’ve produced this size guide to help. Get a ruler or a tape measure, grab your favourite jeans (we advise against using overly stretchy denim as this can skew the results), or take your own measurements and compare with the guide before taking the plunge.

There are five measurements you’ll need to compare to ours: the waist, the rise, the thigh, the knee, and the ankle.


Waist: Lay your jeans flat with the front and back waist on top of each other. Measure straight across the waistband, then double this measurement.

Rise: Measure from where all the crotch seams meet to the top of the waistband.

Thigh: You need to ensure a perfect right angle for this one, so use a square ruler or place something along the inseam to guide your ruler at a right angle. Measure from two inches below the crotch seam straight across the jeans from inside edge to outside edge. Double this measurement.

Knee: Fourteen inches below the crotch seam, place your ruler straight across the width of the jeans. Double this measurement.

Ankle: Measure straight across your bottom hem. Double this measurement.

Check your measurements against our charts to find the size that will fit you best. If you have any questions, or you need advice, we’re happy to help: email

We can hem your jeans to whatever inseam you like—for free—before we send them to you. There are no returns on hemmed or altered jeans.